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What is Proof of Trust (PoT)?
PoT is an application layer protocol for Blockchains that uses a reputational algorithm to create, monitor, and report trustworthiness of various inputs and validate distributed Trust over time. Established above the blockchain, it is universally blockchain agnostic, allowing for future interoperability as foundational blockchain protocols mature. With PoT, smart contracts dedicated to the blockchain receive determinations that can be audited and contested by trusted inputs before being mined into a block—minimizing tax on the blockchain while providing additional security. Each input endures a timed escrow for auditing and offers a method of confirmation for ensuring legitimacy if there is a contestation. Using a network of accountable participants, PoT uses an algorithm to create, monitor, and report reputational trustworthiness, with potential use-cases across many sectors, validating and expanding the PoT protocol.
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1. What is the price of iCash token?

The token pre-sale will begin in Q1 2018, and extend for approximately two months, or until it is sold out, whichever occurs first. The pre-sale will be capped at 70 million iCash..

The iCash TSO will begin at the conclusion of the pre-sale, and run for approximately one month or whenever the Tokens offered are sold out, whichever occurs first. The TSO will be capped at 10 million tokens, which will be priced at launch.

2. When does the Token Sale start and end?

Pre-Sale is currently Open, Public sale will be announced at a future date as the Private Sale becomes fully subscribed.

3. How can I buy iCash Tokens?

All tokens will be sold exclusively on the iCash TSO portal, available at: https://sale.icash.io

Eligible purchasers can purchase iCash tokens with either Bitcoin, Ethereum or certain fiat currencies, including US Dollars, by sending amounts from an existing wallet to the contract address. All funds sent to the contract address after the TSO has been completed will be refunded.