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Top of the Block – The Biggest Topics During Blockchain Week

We’re seeing loads of positive momentum surrounding Blockchain Week here in New York. It’s exciting to witness the cross-section of Main Street, Wall Street, and Crypto-Street come together and discuss some of the most prominent issues impacting the space.

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Exploring the Security Issues of Ethereum Smart Contracts

The Bitcoin blockchain allows people to transfer bitcoins around the world without a central authority or bank. Ethereum enables decentralized applications development and deployment, on a distributed public ledger network beyond the simple value transfer of Bitcoin. 

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A Different Case for Crypto

Currencies, hard currencies anyway, are an asset class. Gold and gold warehouse receipts are one of the oldest and longest serving assets we know of. We have cold currency coinage that is more than 2700 years old. Paper money, likely first seen in China, is at least 1400 years old

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Volatility Spikes - Outside Crypto Centralized Authorities are Radiating Risk

Seems like the worlds of crypto and traditional assets are separated by an impermeable commentary membrane. For nearly a year we were all treated to a moment by moment, blow by blow on the meteoric rise of Crypto currency prices. 

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Smart Monies Chase a Great Wager

Global gaming volume is conservatively estimated at $400B growing around 10% per annum. There is a rapid move from offline to online in the industry - across geographies. 

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A Crypto Third Way?

In the world of currencies, price moves are relative. Prophecies are self-fulfilling and momentum is a real force. Fundamentals matter, but it sometimes takes a while for this to emerge.

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New Fangled & Old Fashioned

Pundits, of all ages and stripes have weighed in on the wisdom of Crypto. As you have heard, there are a few great grey eminences that are concerned about these crazy kids storming the bank. 


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Of Protocols, Op Systems, & Optimizations — A Reminder that History Rhymes

Today’s great debates between the merits of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, and the 1400+ other cryptocurrencies, have antecedents that deserve mention.

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The Motion In the Ocean

The seas have been very rough in 2018. The great ship Crypto remains afloat, but has been pushed back by battering seas and adverse winds. It appears that the laws of price gravity still apply, and can be cruel in their speed and efficacy.

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Growing Pains

Crypto currencies and coverage follow the developmental pattern of a very young person. Days host years worth of learning, growing and changing. If you check out of the growth and development for a day, there is barely perceptible change. 

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