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Hello World, Who is This?


The identities riddle is, sometimes by design, emerging as a central distributed ledger question. As we move forward into the age of the Smart Contract, knowing whom we are contracting with is huge.


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How the UN Relies on Blockchain To Meet Sustainable Development Goals

Blockchain’s legitimacy has grown from having devoted slots on the calendar, such as New York Blockchain week, to international recognition at the United Nations (UN). 

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South Korean Sandbox


For the last few decades South Korea has emerged as a powerhouse and leader in new technologies. National champions like Samsung, LG, SKT, Naver, Kakao Talk and others have carved out places for themselves atop competitive, global markets. 

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Mainstreaming the Blockchain


A funny thing has happened along the way. The distributed ledger cells are dividing and replicating. Some of the offspring is mutagenic. I suppose this was to be expected, suspected, and is likely a sign of the robustness of the organism. 

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Compliant Revolution?


Can we have a compliant revolution with distributed ledger innovation? It is almost absurd to pose the question. The essential of revolutionary change is tumult. This profound a change usually means old orders shaking in their boots. 

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Smart Contracts Are Smart Business

We are excited about distributed ledgers. We are excited about Smart Contracts and we are excited about our ability to enhance the trustworthiness of the inputs to distributed ledgers. 

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Building Out from the Secure Core

With all growth stories there are tales and times of struggle. Purity is beautiful, motivating, and timeless in its seductive allure. It also limits growth. The meteoric rise of Crypto and the Blockchain has, perhaps inevitably, produced simmering debate between growth and purity. 


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What is the Global Blockchain Community?

Despite Blockchain’s decentralized nature, there are several areas vying to be Blockchain hubs. Even though New York granted only the fifth Bitlicense in existence recently, the city is quickly becoming the leading global hotbed for Blockchain tech and commerce. 

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Top of the Block – The Biggest Topics During Blockchain Week

We’re seeing loads of positive momentum surrounding Blockchain Week here in New York. It’s exciting to witness the cross-section of Main Street, Wall Street, and Crypto-Street come together and discuss some of the most prominent issues impacting the space.

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Exploring the Security Issues of Ethereum Smart Contracts

The Bitcoin blockchain allows people to transfer bitcoins around the world without a central authority or bank. Ethereum enables decentralized applications development and deployment, on a distributed public ledger network beyond the simple value transfer of Bitcoin. 

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