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Minds – And the Minds That Direct Machines

Some meetings have tangible electricity. When you are in one of these types of meetings, you know it. You can kind of sense the energy. Time moves fast and big ideas get hatched, raised, tutored and graduated into action at speeds that are usually unthinkable. Those of us at iCash were fortunate to be in not one, but four such meetings. We were gathered, fresh off trains and joined by advisors and teams from Asia, Europe and all over.


The two great groups generating electricity together were iCash and Virtusa. What a group it is. We say, is and not was, because this is the group that is and will guide iCash from white paper through TSO and onto a Blockchain near you. Maybe onto a few of the Blockchain near you?


Across a hot, muggy, July week Virtusa and iCash met, debated, expanded, refined and launched a process.


With gathering confidence we think this little pow-wow will make a big splash. We are innovating in the processes of making smart contracts trustworthy. We are building to do, at scale, what many have been frustrated by, and most feel is missing. We are adding a layer of recourse and repair to the immutable ledgers that will carry the future of commerce. We have spent a year, at the drawing board. Our sketches were carefully drawn, redrawn, critiqued and redrawn again.


Our big week of meetings was designed to get these sketches transformed into blueprints. We have our blueprints! We did not stop there. We have teams, next steps and have dived into MVP production. We have plans and are translating plans and vision to code.


We are about to be the change we wanted to see in the world. We are excited to build out what our great July meetings conjured into existence.