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iCash: Wagering, Gaming, and The “Big Bang”

You are social, you are online and bored stiff of the usual selfies and cat vids. Maybe not bored “stiff”, but you could use something new. We all want the ability to do — virtually- what we have wanted to do since we first started gathering around campfires and in the mouths of our caves.

No, sadly, I don’t mean gorge on fire-roasted flesh. I mean compete, watch wits, wager.

We know from archaeological finds that people have been doing social wagering in North America for at least 5000 years. Ancient Greek mythology holds that Zeus, Hades and Poseidon divided the sea, the land and the underworld by throwing two 6 sided dice. So you have not had the worst or the best roll ever!

The gaming space has been divided into exciting online stuff and traditional casino based retro fun. The money has been in retro and the crowds have been migrating to the online space. Many of the crowds seeking to turn time, whit and skill into winnings have self-selected into the crypto sphere. Modern, social, mobile folks are splitting time between crypto to match whit and test skill, and social wagering to sharpen skills and be social.

We are crashing these two activities — head on- into each other and creating exciting new opportunities, big bang style.

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