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Compliant Revolution?

Can we have a compliant revolution with distributed ledger innovation? It is almost absurd to pose the question. The essential of revolutionary change is tumult. This profound a change usually means old orders shaking in their boots. Real change is dramatic; new rights, new responsibilities and tumbling towers of privilege as the old elite is wrenched from the throne. The burden and the curse of the present moment in Crypto is that to pass through the needle you need to be compliant, and revolutionary. iCash just might fit the bill.

We have been working on something that seems out of place in the paleo power halls of our corporate backgrounds. Our protocol has also vexed more than a few folks in the distributed ledger community. We have been working on designing a decentralized or decentralizable system offering trust to a trustless network. What? It is a strange and winding path we trod. People flock to Crypto to find kindred souls and technological solutions to social problems. We flock to Crypto for the community and because we don’t believe in community- all at once. So why not build a trustless trust protocol to facilitate smart contracting, origination to dispute resolution?

We could not answer this question. So a few years, most of our savings and mountains of crumpled paper later, we are here. We have built the foundation for a Proof of Trust protocol and are preparing to broaden our circle with new partners to help fund the build. No sooner do we set sail than we are told it is time to “clean up” our little revolutionary corner of the world. It is time for compliance. OK, we generally agree that is a good idea. We had been working to be a leader in complying with the increased regulation and decreased pool of coins and tokens that will define the next phase of Blockchain.

So we are launching a trust protocol for a community that rejects trust. We seek to be compliant revolutionaries. On the edge of what is expected in the corporate corridors we left and not yet accepted at the meet-ups and co-work spaces we have moved into.

We are at the start of a marvelous voyage. Care to join?