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Mainstreaming the Blockchain

A funny thing has happened along the way. The distributed ledger cells are dividing and replicating. Some of the offspring is mutagenic. I suppose this was to be expected, suspected, and is likely a sign of the robustness of the organism.

As per the laws of evolution, distributed ledger is changing its atmosphere, and subsequently, is being changed by it. The pond influences the tadpole and the frog forms the shaping ecology of the pond. This is an unambiguous good, even if it rattles community members, new and old.

The Blockchain is now clickbait for the squares who once shunned it, and whose presence inspired many of the early adopters to toil on their own projects.

There was always push and pull. Push from undemocratic and autocratic centralized institutions. The Pull of building a flat structure that rewards and punishes on performance. An iconoclastic, risk embracing community of oddballs, creatives, tinkerers, engineers and anarchists built something pretty darn amazing. The initial creative explosion throws off a very bright light. Yes, moths come to the flame.

Along the way, great times were had and epic collaborations were built and torn down. This does not have to end, but won’t be the same. The new teams will build in many directions and sand down rough edges. The next phase will not dull the impact. It looks to us that the bigger tent will mean a separation into a more purist camp and a more corporate camp. The very best projects will transcend.

Now Fortune 500 companies love press releasing Blockchain projects and partnerships. Equity markets eat these announcements up. Stocks regularly rally and throngs of journalists dote on the announcements. Mighty venture firms, institutional investors and family offices have, or are, building teams and commissioning reports. In short order, captains of industry and finance have been charmed by the siren songs of distributed ledgers. In short, this alternative scene has become big enough and compelling enough to be mainstreamed.

Of course, Blockchain community and evolution are changed and influenced. The larger off-chain world is also changed. We welcome this. Sure, there is danger to the sense of community and building alternative channels. However, real change requires broad engagement. This broader engagement is how expanded reproduction takes place.

It hurts when the cell divides and the offspring aren’t clones. This is change. This is development. This is mainstreaming.

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