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Growing Pains

Crypto currencies and coverage follow the developmental pattern of a very young person. Days host years worth of learning, growing and changing. If you check out of the growth and development for a day, there is barely perceptible change. 

Lose touch for a week and you have to get to know crypto again. Take a few weeks out of the action and you have hours to catch up to and start to re-acquaint. It is part of the addictive draw and should keep us all humble about wrapping our stubby little arms around this writhing ad slippery opportunity.

The iCash cluster struggles to keep up and stay relevant. However hard it may be to believe, we even put thought and relevance concern into these little musings and screeds that we have been known to burden folks with. Our time is split between trying to stay on top of the macro developments, the Ethereum based coin developments and the goings on in the worlds of social gaming and wagering. And wow, is that a lot!

On the top down beat it looks like the world is aflutter with concerns about regulatory action in North East Asia. South Korea and China have been headline grabbers of late as crackdowns and concerns have dominated discussion. We see these processes a bit differently than the loudest voices we hear echoing most widely. The “ wisdom” is that Cryptos have become an area where states feel a slippage in ability to regulate and protect. This has created concern and exchanges are being shuttered, restricted and reexamined for this reason. Generally folks seem to think this is a very negative development. We disagree.

From our odd little perch at iCash, it looks like crypto is growing up. Governments and our communities are finding ways to co-exist. Yes, there are temporary bans and raids and crackdown headlines. No, that is not the smoothest path and yes, there are losses and casualties. There is much to grieve over and lament. There is more to be dazzled by. The world’s most dynamic economies are fighting out what place crypto will have and have much freedom will remain. Is that scary? Darn right. Does that signal we are passing the existential test? We think so. Crypto is jockeying for its place in the future of our lives. That means we have won a place! Maybe not exactly the place we all want and need. Maybe not yet? Don’t lose the forest for the trees.

These are pains. Much more importantly, these are growing pains.

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