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Welcome To The Next Level

We saw 2017 as the year the wider world awoke to Crypto. The gains, the moves, the breadth…and then the drama. Bitcoin and Ethereum saw powerful swells in value, recognition, and adoption; gains in the thousands of percentage points and headlines galore.

Crypto had been stepping out of the shadows and specialty realms into the light and industry attention since 2013. It had been picking up steam slowly and steadily until midway through last year.

Nothing grabs and holds the imagination like surging levels of wealth. We get it.

$500 becomes $7500 in a year? Always news.

If that happens in a month? Wow.

The media and the consumers of media catch the itch. No doubt, the story of surging value and massive volatility provided a dramatic and enticing introduction.

World meets crypto, crypto meets the world: That was the story of 2017.

The story of 2018 will be the maturation and education of public attention and engagement. This year the world will learn that there are many and vastly different approaches to decentralization and decentralized blockchain technology. Crypto will be seen and appreciated as a diverse, dynamic and disruptive tech wave. It is so much more than overnight gains and rollercoaster price swings.

It is about doing things you could not do before — and doing them faster, cheaper, and without the usual overlords.

At iCash we’re building a utility to allow people to test and benefit from their skills and insights about sports, political events, & gaming. And that’s just the beginning.

iCash took a big step into the light at the crossroads of the world: Times Square on New Years Eve. We did it for the last days of 2017 and the first days of 2018. Why? The future is here and it’s decentralized, dramatic, and only just beginning. We are excited to be actors in the great drama and we think 2018 will be our grand stage. Learn more and join us, so we can enjoy the ride together in 2018!

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