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Beyond Daily Price Records

For those of us in the crypto space, the daily price fluctuations are not — and have not — been the central pre-occupation. We are drawn to the distributed nature of the endeavor. We are fed up with the purported benefits of fiat currencies. 

We were tired of being saddled with transaction costs, glacial speeds, and reporting issues under a watchful eye, which were leftovers from bygone times and technologies.

It has been encouraging to watch mainstream attention focus on the crypto space. It is pointless distraction, and very much not our culture, that is generally on display. We are not all sitting around watching every momentary price move for evidence for, or against, the “Bubble Thesis” du jour.

At iCash we barely pay attention to the reporting, so much has been an echo chamber of denunciation or celebration — often equally mindless. We think we are like a lot of fine folks in the space, at least the many we know well. We are furiously trying to build off of and meaningfully contribute to a movement that has captured our passion, attention and intension. This does not rely upon, or fluctuate with, price movements.

For us it is and will be about doing things with Blockchain Technology: better, faster, cheaper, and with more engagement & transparency. We think this is widely true. That is why people are drawn to crypto; that is why and how communities get built. It is fine to stop by, offer an opinion or two and look around for some fest trading returns. Lets just be sure not to lose sight of the real story: People building better, cheaper, more inclusive opportunities.

For us it is gaming and wagering, but so many are doing great things. Let’s not lose that focus — no matter how much Bitcoin is up or down today, tomorrow and next year.

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