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Top of the Block – The Biggest Topics During Blockchain Week

We’re seeing loads of positive momentum surrounding Blockchain Week here in New York. It’s exciting to witness the cross-section of Main Street, Wall Street, and Crypto-Street come together and discuss some of the most prominent issues impacting the space.

Walking around event after event, it’s possible to see that the folks in hoodies are more crypto, the blazers and suits are more Wall Street, and the rest of Main Street falls in between. Blockchain Week is the largest and most influential international blockchain gathering, and top players are analyzing consequential topics that include scalability, speed, and regulation.

This week, everyone is talking about how Wall Street and blockchain answer the scalability question – can the respective blockchains shoulder big demand? Our team embraces scalable solutions and is building our platform and protocol on multiple chains to hedge out this risk for token holders. A lot of people here are saying “I’m building on Ethereum” or “I’m building on EOS”, yet no one has proved which platform is going to scale, and which platform is going to rely on speed versus cost.

The second issue people seek clarity on is speed, which is very different than scale. Scale is the volume, and speed is how fast the chain can shoulder that volume. As Wall Street is concerned with execution and speed, it’s going to be important for them to understand the precise blockchain transaction speed and pair this figure with an appropriate volume of transactions.

The third and probably most relevant topic are regulatory implications. iCash is determined to always be on the right side of regulation and that’s why we are structured as a fully compliant security token. We are in accordance with all SEC guidance for any security regulation as if we were an IPO. Others should follow our lead in embracing regulatory standards. There are nay-sayers or purists in the industry that thumb their nose at regulation, Main Street and Wall Street. They believe that blockchain is going to replace all traditional platforms. We don’t think this is going to happen, at least not in the next decade. As a result, the team will adhere to regulatory changes and make sure the best aspects of blockchain are reflected in a fair business environment.

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